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Through Co-founder lived experienced, Young Elite Management has been developed with the intention of ultimately, improving and supporting individuals with effective mentoring relating to individual development and sport enhancement. Our services and programme will offer support centred around personal tailored development that relates to sports mentoring and management services. 

We want to offer a different path for youths interested in sports, providing them with a chance to join a sport mentoring and management company that will support them both on and off the pitch. Using our connections to enhance each individual we work with in being the best versions of themselves!

Our services will include working with young talented individuals from communities, offering opportunities, whilst ensuring they are given effective mentoring and guidance to remain focused (‘combining talent with guidance and opportunity for individual enhancement’).

We are establishing a sports mentoring enterprise, as we are passionate and committed to changing the prospects and opportunities available to young people within communities and boroughs. We are also passionate about improving our client’s overall development whilst improving their personal circumstances and well-being. There are many social goals that are linked to our project. Working with our supporters and connections, we hope to achieve these goals and objectives in the best way possible.

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