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Young Elite Management is a sports management and mentoring company.


Welcome To
Young Elite Management

Young Elite Management is a sports management and mentoring company. We are dedicated to being one of the best sport management and mentoring services within the UK. Our services will include identifying young talented players from communities and areas, offering opportunities to train through recommended coaching services as well as ensuring they are given effective mentoring and guidance to remain focused. ‘combining talent with guidance and opportunity’.

Our Services


At Young Elite Management our service aims to ensure the young people we are working with are ‘looked after’ within the football industry. Our hope is that the young people we work with are given the best guidance possible with hope of them going on to reach success, they hope to achieve. We aim to provide football clubs and trainers with the confidence that young people working with us are prepared and willing to face the challenges of a career within sport. Our support will mean that young people have developed the right resilience and determination to work hard and be successful in this competitive industry.

This service is unique in providing support guidance and mentoring to help young people who want to train in the football industry to keep, on the right track physically, emotionally and psychologically.

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We work with talent to enhance there performance off and on the field. Once we have a consultation with the individual, the determination of next steps will be decided for the ultimate effect and plan, of increasing there sport enhancement.



The mentoring service is of high significance for individuals who need support and guidance whilst trying there best to reach there full potential and aiming to succeed within the sports industry. Mentoring support covers individuals to keep on track physically, psychologically and emotionally.



We build our clients exposure and off-pitch image and brand through media partnerships and opportunities to enhance their profile.


Career development

During different stages of your career you will need specialist advice and planning for your
development. Whether you are a youth or academy player (EPPP) or already part of a first team squad we will help you create a plan
to meet your short and long term goals.



Our in-house team in conjunction with carefully selected business partners, will help with all of your lifestyle requirements, no
matter how big or small.


UK based football agency providing’a dedicated personal representation service to professional footballers and young non-league players


160 Kemp house London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX

Tel: 07802216899

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