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We are constantly building good relationships with clubs, talent scouts, academy directors, schools, colleges, and local youth services, to enable the company to both receive notifications about young people that may fit the profile of our agency and also set up opportunities for the players with scouts / clubs.

Whilst we appreciate that not all of the young people signed up to the company will secure a professional football career, we believe this programme will provide them with the skills, guidance and resilience required to succeed in education and employment. In line with this, we will offer careers advice and also life skill courses and advice including resilience, finances, wellbeing, social skills, and emotional intelligence.

There is a strong social enterprise element to our company as we will be providing opportunities to those youths who some come from underprivileged backgrounds and may be overlooked by other management agencies and clubs due to factors related to their circumstances and perceived potential.


  • Improve the well being of the individuals we work with

  • Support with employment for individuals who may have barriers to work

  • Prospects for talented young football players from disadvantage areas who may have been overlooked

  • Opportunities for females from all backgrounds

  • Improvements to inner city areas and overall communities through reducing the number of young people who may become involved in crime and violence as well as reducing poverty and creating positive social changes

  • Removing social barriers to opportunities in disadvantaged areas, offering youths something to strive for

  • Enabling access to support services for youths who are a high risk of being groomed into gangs and illegal activities

  • Life skill training for young people to equip them with the tools required to go on to succeed in either education or employment

Image by Dave Goudreau
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