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Surf Nazis Must Die(1987) [EXCLUSIVE]

Surf Nazis must die is mid to low tier Troma for me. There's too much useless dialogue and sitting around and not enough granny's killing people and surfers fighting. It lacks a lot of the weirdness and over-the-topism that much of Troma possesses.

Surf Nazis Must Die(1987)

The Japanese title starts the same as Class of Nuke 'Em High and The Toxic Avenger like they're all the same series or something. So the title is effectively Toxic Surfers. Spoiler: there are no toxic surfers, but there are nazi surfers, otherwise known as surf nazis.

It's the post-apocalypse. It's advised not to go out to the beach, because there are surf nazis. You should stay home and not go to the beach. The surf nazis run the beach just like a gang might have their own turf.

Un groupe de surfeurs néo-nazis sème la terreur sur une plage, étant raciste, ce gang s'attaque à un jeune afro-americain et le tue. Sa mère apprenant sa mort décide de sortir de sa maison de retraite et de le venger. S'ensuit une croisade violente. 041b061a72


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