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Christian hip hop website Rapzilla again rated Rehab: The Overdose four out of five stars, yet it seemingly praises all aspects of the album. Lecrae's 2011 solo album "invite[s] listeners into another round of musical therapy," referencing the conceptual metaphor of the Christian life being a rehabilitation process that "begins detoxing [Christians] from the things of this world." A trending suggestion throughout the review is that Lecrae sticks closer to his concept in Rehab: The Overdose compared to its prequel Rehab as the reviewer believes that "listeners who complained about the lack of theme-driven songs or the musically-schizophrenic nature of Rehab will be overjoyed by the sonic and thematic cohesiveness of Rehab: The Overdose," and claims that "the first thing the listener will notice is that this album is thematically much more cohesive than its predecessor [Rehab]." The review also notes Lecrae's development as a lyricist, specifically commending the songs "Overdose" ("which finds Lecrae lyrically-fit"), "Battle Song" ("a stellar track ... where Lecrae spits ferociously"), "Chase That", and "Walking On Water" (which "features an especially ridiculous flow and rhyme scheme from Crae"). In conclusion, Rapzilla calls the full album "much more than mere leftovers from Rehab; it is a fresh helping of Gospel-centered goodness that will keep listeners' palates satisfied for a long time to come."[15]


Rehab is the fourth studio album by Christian hip hop artist Lecrae. It was released on September 28, 2010 on Reach Records.[2] According to the Reach Records website, the album's "motto" is "The Christian life is an entrance into rehab."[3] Centered on release and freedoms from inhibiting addictions and habits, Rehab is a highly conceptual album. Rehab is nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album at the 53rd Grammy Awards.[4][5] The album was named the Best Album of 2010 in the "Best of 2010:'s Staff Picks" awards, and Lecrae was also named Artist of the Year.[6] The song "Background" and the album itself were nominated for Rap/Hip Hop Recorded Song of the Year and Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year, respectively, at the 42nd Annual GMA Dove Awards.[7]

Rehab received universally positive reviews. Rapzilla's Logan Remy gave Rehab a 4.5/5 rating, calling it "Lecrae's best project to date". He says "The introductory songs all the way to the ending is an incredible ride through the growth of Lecrae," and that "Lecrae is loud and clear in the music."[20] rated Rehab 4 stars out of 5. Michael Weaver of Jesus Freak Hideout rated the album 5/5 stars, expressing high acclaim for it. He says, "Rehab is a fantastic album and is easily Lecrae's best to date, even topping Rebel. Lecrae is able to show that he is the best and most diverse rapper around." The review suggests to people who rarely listen to hip hop to get this album, even going as far as saying, "This is hip hop perfection."[21] The music website AllMusic gave Rehab 4 of out 5 stars. He explains to readers that Rehab "begins with a Christian checking in to rehab and then, through a series of well-written, well-produced songs, tells the story of how he got there."[1]

Lecrae continues to show his diversity with the hip hop, dance song, "God is Enough." Lecrae's venture into the dance scene shows that he can hang with any one in the genre and his sound rivals that of Group 1 Crew or other similar artists. A few other standout tracks on the album are "Gotta Know," "New Shalom," and "Background." "Release Date" is the official ending track, though there is a bonus track afterward, and caps the album off with his rehabilitation. 041b061a72


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