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Cereal Killers Torrent

The speed will vary greatly between 400kb and 1kb per second (My internet is crap 400kb is a acceptable maximum). I also noticed that even though hundreds of peers are available Transmission will only connect to about 20 at any time (I have set the connection limit to 200 per torrent and 500 max).

Cereal Killers Torrent

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It probably does not apply to your case, but a typical problem with torrent (and other p2p protocols) are routers, that cannot handle many simultaneous connections or that have issues if many connections are initiated in a short period of time. People often realize that they are affected by this issue, when they switch from Windows to some other operating system. The reason is that Windows has limits for simultaneous connections and new connections per second, and at least in earlier versions of Windows those were set to ridiculously low values per default, so people never realized that their router doesn't handle many simultaneous connections well. 350c69d7ab


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