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Tl-wn422g Driver Linux

TL-WN422N V2 might work slow with packet loss in Windows 8.1 using "TL-WN422G_V2_Win8_Beta"(11/30/2012) drivers from TP-LINK website-> for fix use TL-WN722N_V1_131113(11/13/2013) from TP_LINK.This Win8.1 drivers work great.

tl-wn422g driver linux

I have a Huawei EchoLife HG556a" router, and referring to that guide I installed "Barrier Breaker" along with the usb and wireless drivers. Since ADSL wasn't supported, I decided to use the router as a wireless repeater using a third party adapter, " TL-WN422G v2", which has the same chipset (ath9k) as the on board wireless.When using "lsusb", I get the follow output:

I have the TL-WN822N I am having trouble installing the drivers into Kali Linux on Virtual Box. I think I am going to return it, does anyone have advice for a better wifi adapter for someone new to hacking?


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